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We, Aurelie and Delphine, co-founders of AceKettle, are entrepreneurial spirits driven by our passion to help businesses grow.

Our ambition is to run a strategic yet pragmatic marketing approach for businesses willing to take the next steps in their ‘go to market’ journey. To achieve this, we build up on our solid experience, network and intensive client cooperation.

In the new economy, speed is crucial.  We believe that either you grow fast or you die slow.

Delphine Bos co-founder AceKettle
Delphine Bos

She is a true believer and practitioner of a pragmatic and agile marketing approach, which previously drove the growth of the Adyen brand from an unknown payments company to a superstar tech unicorn.

Aurelie Becat co-founder AceKettle
Aurelie Becat

She is a sales and negotiation passionate. She experienced both the corporate side at companies like Shell and the entrepreneurial side building up a retail business from scratch in Asia. She loves transferring knowledge and coaching entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

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Excellent, top notch, first-class, outstanding, expert

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A functional device which turns cold water into hot water

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A top quality transformation vector which, without changing the essence of a service or product, takes it to its next level of ebullition. A catalyst for sustainable growth.

Why AceKettle ?

For businesses to scale up, speed is crucial. The philosophy of AceKettle is therefore to help them get started quickly, crafting a customized marketing and sales strategy The journey starts with a deep dive workshop, putting our minds together to generate big ideas. The direct result of the workshop is a clear action plan, and the AceKettle team can drive a hands-on execution of the plan, complete with measurable targets. 

The agile approach of AceKettle positions businesses for success with actionable marketing focusing on propelling their business to a next level of growth. Strategy and plans are indeed iterated on the way, when needed, according to results and context changes.

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Why yellow ?

AceKettle’s spirit is yellow.

Because yellow is the most luminous of all the colours of the spectrum, the most visible colour, the one capturing attention more than any other one, even from a distance.

Because yellow is the colour of (sun)light, happiness, glory, wisdom, harmony, amusement, gentleness, spontaneity, hope and cheerfulness.

Because yellow is the best colour to awaken enthusiasm, optimism, creativity and confidence as well a sense of self-worth (how we feel about ourselves and how we are perceived by others).

Because yellow inspires original thoughts, inquisitiveness, new ideas, practical ways of doing things and makes us more mentally analytical and critical.

Yellow vibrates fast and spreads energy.